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Overnight Pet Sitting

Professional Pet Sittters

Overnight Pet Sitting

Overnight Care

When you’re away let your pet spend quality time with their favorite pet sitter! During overnight pet sitting your pet gets to stay in their own home where they are most comfortable. No fear, no anxiety, just another great night in their great life. Along with that, your home is looked after as well.

Our in-home overnight pet sitting has our care-giver spend the night at your home, allowing for quality time with your pet and a real presence.

During the stay and before leaving, we’ll also perform general home checks, pick up newspapers and mail, change lighting around the house, and ensure all doors and windows are locked and secure.

Overnight stays are important to keep your pets, and home, healthy, secure and comfortable while you’re away.


Starting at $50 per day


From Our Happy Paws

Sara’s Happy Paws is incredible! I use her awesome pet sitting service every time I go out of town– whether its just a couple drop-in’s while I go out of town for work, or multiple days for vacation. I have her do 2 drop in’s a day for my animals to feed and love them, that’s all I asked of her but she did so much more than that! She scooped the litter box as well, swept the litter up from the floor, fed them and washed the dishes after their wet food, gave them treats and played with them. Stuck around and gave them lots of love. She did incredible. Definitely recommend.

Leah Roberts

Sara’s Happy Paws Petsitting is awesome! Sara has a lot of experience looking after all kinds of animals and she’s very professional and polite. I recommend her to everyone I know who has pets. If you need someone to care for your pets Sara’s Happy Paws is the best choice!

Grayson Dewitt

Sara has such an incredible amount of experience with animals and has the biggest heart. She is responsible, honest, and will take the BEST care of your animals. Highly recommend!

Kayla Z.