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Here at Sara’s Happy Paws Pet Sitting we are committed to the highest standards of pet care. We will care for your pets as if they were our very own and make sure they receive all the love, care, and special attention they need while you are away. We believe that in-home care is best for your pet because they are able to stay in their own environment, maintain their normal routine, and feel safe and secure, despite your absence.

Why use Sara’s Happy Paws Pet Sitting?

  • Expertise: We are professionals who pride ourselves on handling the most challenging pets.                                                                                    
  • Consistency: You will always have a familiar face from our team of Pet Sitters.   
  • Reliability: You can count on us to keep our commitments.
  • Safety: We are Pet First Aid and CPR certified, bonded and insured.
  • Trust: We will continually send you texts updating you on how your pets are doing.
  • Family: We are a local business that gives back to our community.
  • Fun!: We are genuine animals lovers and we enjoy spending time and playing with your pets
Professional dog trainers. Computer programmers. Animal rescue volunteers. Community Service Volunteers. Our pet sitters and dog walkers come from all walks of life, but all have one thing in common – an unbridled passion for animals.

Our pet care specialists undergo a rigorous interview process, a thorough background check, and one-on-one orientation prior to taking on their first visit alone. 

Every Happy Paws sitter is required to continue their education by attending animal behavior classes and renewing their pet CPR and first aid certification annually.

This stringent hiring and education process means our clients are partnering with professional, smart, motivated, and highly responsible pet sitters and dog walkers.

Professional Pet Sitters

Meet Our Team


Long Hair Tortoiseshell
Adult – Female


Medium Sized Boxer Mix
Young Adult – Female


Shorthair Calico
Young – Female


German Shepherd Mix
Young Adult – Male


Domestic Shorthair
Adult – Female


German Shepherd, Chow-Chow Mix
Adult – Male


From Our Happy Paws

Sara’s Happy Paws is incredible! I use her awesome pet sitting service every time I go out of town– whether its just a couple drop-in’s while I go out of town for work, or multiple days for vacation. I have her do 2 drop in’s a day for my animals to feed and love them, that’s all I asked of her but she did so much more than that! She scooped the litter box as well, swept the litter up from the floor, fed them and washed the dishes after their wet food, gave them treats and played with them. Stuck around and gave them lots of love. She did incredible. Definitely recommend.

Leah Roberts

Sara’s Happy Paws Petsitting is awesome! Sara has a lot of experience looking after all kinds of animals and she’s very professional and polite. I recommend her to everyone I know who has pets. If you need someone to care for your pets Sara’s Happy Paws is the best choice!

Grayson Dewitt

Sara has such an incredible amount of experience with animals and has the biggest heart. She is responsible, honest, and will take the BEST care of your animals. Highly recommend!

Kayla Z.

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