Cats are just like any pet, they need exercise to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. If cat owners don’t provide an outlet for their pet’s energy, then obesity can become a problem. But you can’t just take your cat out on a run with you like you can a dog! So how DO you exercise a cat?

Here are 3 Ways Cat Owners Can Exercise Their Cat to help keep their cat happy, healthy, and in shape:

Fishing Pole Toy / Feather Wand

A fishing pol toy is a great way that pet owners can give their cats a bit of exercise! You can buy a string toy at a pet store, or make your own by attaching a string (usually with something on the end like feathers or mice).

The best way to do this is to spend some one-on-one time with your feline friend, pulling the string back and forth and letting them chase it, or you even drag it along behind you while you walk around, or jog in some cases!

But you can also try attaching this toy to your waistline when you are cleaning around the house OR if your cat isn’t afraid of the vacuum, you can attach it to a Roomba!

Cat Tree

This is a great way to give your pet some vertical space they can use to scratch, play and climb. Not all cats will take to this right away, but with a little patience, most will start using it eventually.

The best part is that you can get creative with the design of the tree, so it becomes a piece of decor in your home! Some pet owners just get a cat scratching post and place it near their window instead, so that the pet can look outside while they scratch.

This is a great way to avoid destroying other furniture from scratching or playing with toys around the house. If you keep them busy on this tree then they have less time to do other things like scratch the couch!

Cat Wheels and Habitrails

Cat wheels are exactly what they found like – a hamster wheel on a large scale. If your cat isn’t afraid to give it a whirl, you can use a laser pointer to get the cat on the wheel and chase after the laser. Just make sure you give the cat a chance to catch the laser.

You’ve probably seen habitrails before (aka catios?); those really great catwalk jungle gyms for cats? These are similar to cat trees, but they can be used inside or outside, and they can be as large as your imagination allows!

These allow cats to walk around using their muscles more than usual, which helps them maintain a healthy weight. Some pet owners build these for their pets themselves (which is not too difficult), or you can buy one that is already built. Habittrails are great for allowing cats to play outside, bird watch, and get fresh air without running away.

Just like with any pet, it is important to find ways to exercise your kitties. These are just a few of the many options that cat owners have when it comes to keeping their cats active. So get creative and have some fun!

3 Ways Cat Owners Can Exercise Their Cat: Sara’s Happy Paws Pet Sitting St.George, Utah

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3 Ways Cat Owners Can Exercise Their Cat